Grazie aThrough tips&tricks that we offer you in all our memberships, you can protect yourself from many dangers on the Internet and thus take preventive measures.


With our Premium Membership you will be notified by alert mails when your personal data appears on the Internet. So you can take action before you become a victim of identity theft.


Prevention, insurance, monitoring - triple stitched holds better

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In order to protect yourself against the new digital dangers, you need the appropriate expertise. On our knowledge base you will find important information about secure internet surfing. From anti-phishing to virus protection, we provide you with all essential information. The database is constantly updated by our experts and can be used even with the "FREE" membership.

Should you not only extend your knowledge, but also seek legal assistance, you will be supported by specialized lawyers in the "COMFORT" membership.

Because we always want to go a step further for our members, you have the possibility to search the internet for your personal data while you are a member of "PREMIUM", and you will get the appropriate information if something has been found.

This triple protection is unique and is designed to provide you with comprehensive protection against the new risks and dangers of the Internet, so you can safely use online services.